Cleaning Your Hard Floor Coverings

Carpets are bought by family members after spending much time. They reflect the person’s taste and personality. A clean and beautiful carpet is also a welcoming sight at anyone’s home. Thus, our favorite hardwood coverings must be taken care of properly. There are two popular methods of carpet cleaning them: dry cleaning and steam cleaning, and sometimes it becomes difficult to judge just what your carpet needs.

We are the city’s premier carpet cleaning service, and with our expert staff and proficiency in carpet cleaning matters, we can solve any carpet cleaning issue that you might be facing. Just give us a call at 1800 284 036 to know more or for a quick demo!

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Serve Different Cleaning Process

Dry cleaning is a process that does not use water to clean the carpet. It mostly relies on the use of chemicals and heat. Usually, during the dry cleaning process, the house is evacuated because the process is like fumigation. It takes two to three hours to dry and can be used after that. This dry clean process is a fast process and the equipment used for this are less. All the time we are ready to process your carpet and save your time by fast at our best. We ensure the safety of the carpet as we are using chemicals which are hazardous to you as well as to your carpet.

Steam cleaning is a process that uses water to clean the carpet; not chemical so organic type of cleaning process. It is usually a better way to clean the carpets, as it penetrates the interiors and is good at rooting out the dried up soot and smut. The use of chemicals is low in the steam cleaning process. Thick carpets are better cleaned by the steam cleaning method. It takes around forty-eight hours to dry, but after that, your carpet is rejuvenated completely, leaving it soft and beautiful, just as it was when you bought it, look and feel is as if new. This way of cleaning process keeps the carpet clean for long and fresh.

As this takes much time than dry clean, you can fix a perfect time at your convenience and take a call of us at the same.

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Why Choose Us?

We at Ace Steam Cleaning understand the needs of your carpet and can ensure that your carpet remains healthy, hale and hearty! Carpet Dry cleaning or Carpet Steam Cleaning, it usually depends on your wish. But taking our professionals’ suggestions for Carpet Cleaning Canberra would be at the best! We can be contacted at 1800 284 036 any time of the day and night, 365 days a year!